How To Get Your Email Account And Website Working Again

Ascona Security Blocked IPRepeated failed login attempts on a hosting account usually indicates a third party is attempting to brute-force attack your account, and our firewall is designed to prevent this activity from occurring as soon as it is detected. This will help protect your email account, website or control panel from hackers.

As part of our commitment to providing a secure hosting service all failed logins to your email accounts, web site or control panel will be logged and blocked by our firewall after 3 incorrect attempts and further attempts will lengthen the time of the block.

When your IP becomes blocked no person on your premises using that IP will be able to access your website, email or control panel – everyone will be blocked.

A very common scenario where this can happen is when email account password is reset and this is updated on one device but you forget to update it on another device that accesses your email. The device that has not been updated will continue to connect with the old password and after three failed login attempts your IP address will be blocked.

How To Clear A Blocked IP

Go the website

This will show what your current IP is – it will look similar to 123.45.678.90.

Make a note of this and fill in the contact us form on our website, including your domain name and IP number that the website displayed in the message

Our team will look up your IP address and white-list it for a fixed period. This will give you time to find the person or device that caused the block and fix the problem. If it is not fixed, then your IP will most likely be blocked again as soon as the white-list period is over, so you have to repeat the above steps. 

Test Your Current Password via Webmail

You may be unsure if the password for your email account is correct and maybe the cause of your IP block. A quick way to check this is by logging into your email account via a web browser.

Webmail is available at: yourdomain/webmail – so if your domain is then (If your website is not hosted with us you can try webmail.yourdomain). Note: A small number of clients who do not have their domain with us will find the may not work.


To login enter the full email address (all lowercase) you wish to test along with the password you have.

If you are able to login, then there’s no need to reset your password. Just return to each device and update the password accordingly.

If you can’t login, then stop your testing with Webmail. Repeated attempts to log into Webmail with the wrong password will cause a block to be generated again.

Continued Blocked IP's

As we take the secuirty of your accounts and our hosting servers seriously you WILL need to fix the problem that has caused the blocked IP. If your IP blocks as soon as the white-list period is over, do not expect our team to unblock it again immediately – this is as much for the integrity of your email accounts, website or control panel as it is for us.

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