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Website Hosting

As part of Ascona’s business philosophy of providing our Clients “Total Solutions” we also provide high quality website hosting. We pride ourselves on being a “One Stop Shop”.

We have found that most business owners want to run “their” business, so we manage the “electronic” part of your business completely for you.

To ensure you get the best possible solution, we have within our group a sister company that is a hosting company and domain registrar. This company has hosting in multiple data centers in New Zealand and Australia, as well as USA and Europe. You get the “Best” solution without having any of the technical worries.

This means your website is hosted in the most suitable environment. I.e. if most of your clients are in New Zealand you do NOT want a website hosted in the USA as it will always be slower and more likely not available. (They will back it up or do maintenance during the USA night, which just happens to be prime business time in New Zealand)

Our hosting provides 24 hour, 365 day operation with full backup facilities. We use 24/7 automatic monitoring to ensure “our” websites stay online all the time.

Email Hosting

Along with your website hosting, we also provide full email set up for your company. Our Business Consultants are trained to ensure your email addresses and use of them are set up in a way to ensure that this part of your operation works correctly with the least hassle.

We take you through things like:

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Websites YOU Can Update Easily

  • Ascona - email marketing to grow your businessBe in control of your content
  • Easy instant content updates
  • No waiting for a developer
  • Manage your site SEO
  • Cost effective

Make sure your website is Responsive (mobile-friendly). Why?

  • Responsive websites by AsconaMobile usage is high
  • Positive user experience
  • Better SEO
  • Better speed